Billy Harris is a digital artist and designer creating work around notions of communication, interaction, and mortality through a digital lens. He is a native of Laramie, Wyoming, and received his B.A. in Visual Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design and New Media from the University of Wyoming in Fall 2018. 
Billy presents communication, interaction, and mortality through dichotomies of real-world experiences and their modern, digital interpretations. In his work, Billy attempts to display the relation of digital processes and practices to the natural world and human experience. 
His creative practice consists primarily of minimalist graphic design, layered photography / videography, abstract creative coding, and interactable 3D experiences. In his work, the use of minimal, line-based graphic design represents primitive symbolism and miscommunication as part of the human experience. Layered photography and videography meld visual components and aspects of his presented dichotomies, and play at the boundary of reality and its digital counterpart. His elements of abstract creative coding use code to display abstraction and disruption in communication and nature. Through interactable 3D experiences, Billy presents explorable interpretations of miscommunication and mourning. 
Billy’s current vein of work displays a perspective of landscapes through the physicality of a living person’s interpretation of death. The concept and recognition of life is inextricably linked to physical presence, and the experience of mortality augments that perspective within an individual. Nostalgia and isolation within the 2D and 3D environments he presents display an altering in the way mourning individuals present themselves and interpret their surroundings. ​​​​​​​